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Thank you for visiting us. Tonkinese kittens (and cats, of course) are extra smart, and extra affectionate. They have a people loving personality, which is more like a dog than most people associate with the average cat. They are probably the easiest cat to train to do tricks, such as jump into your arms on command, fetch a bone, etc.

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Posted 2020-08-13 by Don

It is with tremendous sadness that I must announce the end of Tonkinese Kitten.com effective immediately due to the death of my wife, Deborah Gaeila Lonrau. She passed without any warning on September 1st of 2019, and was 60 years old. I cannot face continuing the cattery without her, so I am afraid this ends our era. It was a very fun 20+ years of breeding the best Tonks the world has ever seen, and I thank all of the hundreds of people who came on this journey with us.

I am unable to stay in the home that Deborah and I have lived in for the last 25 years, so before I move out I desperately need to find permanent homes for some of our cats! My only concern is finding them good homes, and as such I will not be charging ANYTHING for them.

We have the following cats available:

6 y/o male, Platinum Point (Peeta, NOT NEUTERED, first photo pair)

6 y/o female, Blue Mink (Effie, neutered, second photo pair)

6 y/o female, Blue Mink (Katness, neutered, third photo pair)

These three are siblings from the same litter, and have been together their whole lives. Yes, I gave them kennel names after characters from The Hunger Games.

8 y/o male, Champaign Point (Chewie, neutered, bottom photo)

Chewie kept his balls too long and became a bit of a bully among our cats, so I do not think he should go to a home with other cats. I think he would get along with a dog quite well since hed have a hard time bullying a dog.

If you are interested in adopting any of these cats and you would like more information please email me at deborah@tonkinesekitten.com and I will respond as quickly as possible.

Above is Peeta, seen front and side.

Above is Effie, seen front and side.

Above is Katness, seen front and side.

Above is Chewie, seen lounging like cats do.

Posted 2014-11-27 by Don

The 3 remaining kittens (still available, folks!) from Ariel's litter of May 7th are rarely standing still long enough for me to get a decent photo, but here are three instances where I caught them all mostly napping. The first one has mommy and a baby in it, the second one has daddy and a different baby in it, and the third one is the remaining baby in the foreground (with her sister photobombing her in the back).

Posted 2014-11-06 by Don

Due to several cancellations on our kitten waiting list we are in the unusual position of having 3 out of the 4 kittens still available from the last litter (Ariel's on May 7th, the post right below this one). Anyone interested in a kitten NOW should drop us a line (deborah@tonkinesekitten.com).

Here we see an amazing alignment of the planets; I needed to take up-to-date pictures of these 3 girls tonight, and by the time I grabbed my camera and turned around they conveniently grouped themselves into a portrait! It still took a dozen shots to get this one, but all in all it was quite polite of them to make updating the website so easy on me. For those who like to know these things, the girl's colors and coat are, left to right, Platinum point almost for sure, Platinum point for damn sure, and Platinum point almost for sure. Why so vague? Well, there is the reasonable chance that the maybes could darken down when they grow up, and at 2 years old they might be clearly minks and not points (or, possibly, vice versa).

Posted 2014-05-16 by Don

It has been a very long time indeed since we have had kittens to post about, but that time has come! On May 7th our breeding female Ariel delivered 4 fat and happy babies! Anyone interested in receiveing kittens in approximately 8-12 weeks should drop us a line (deborah@tonkinesekitten.com)

While it is way too early to be certain of their coats and colors we suspect we have 3 Platinum "somethings" (probably both points and minks) and 1 Blue mink (or conceivably solid, but unlikely). It appears as though they are all girls, which seems statistically unlikely so their junk has probably just not matured enough for us to see clearly. I'm sure when you were one week old your junk was pretty hard to see too. ;)

Here is one of the babies starting to crack her eyes open

Posted 2013-09-12 by Don

I just thought I would share a few of the more recent kitten photos from both Ariel and Zoe's litters. You know, for the lulz.

#1 - Ariel's Blue point boy.

#2 - And again.

#3 - And yet again. He's a damn photogenic cat! :)

#4 - Zoe's Blue Mink boy, channeling Jack Nicholson from "The Shining".

#5 - Zoe's Platinum girl.

Posted 2013-08-17 by Deborah


#1 Here are Ariel's babies, age 2 to 3 weeks old.

#2 Here is a hand-held baby. Our babies are handled daily from birth. Note the kitten is not nervous or concerned, just curious and interested, even though this is his first time this high up off the ground.

#3. This baby is 3 to 4 weeks old, enjoying his first taste of KMR. It may look like he's being tortured, but after a couple swallows, he's ferociously biting the feeding tube syringe, doing his best to swallow it whole in frantic greed, perhaps devouring a couple human fingers in his enthusiasm . We supplement our babies' diet with KMR (Kitten Milk Replacement) at an early age. The stuff is fearsomely expensive--even when you buy it in five pound bags like we do--but it reduces stress on the Mom cats, the babies love the taste, and the added nutrition helps them THRIVE, into strong, sturdy, healthy, athletic babies. We feed it to both Mothers and babies for the duration, because it is very nutritious, and getting enough calories down them all is difficult but so important. As an example, a kitten needs one gram of Calcium every day--as much as a full-grown human!

#4. Watchin' the tube, havin' a KMR, arguing over whose turn it is for a drink, getting KMR all over your face.

#5. Yup, KMR meals are messy the first few days. Learning to drink from a bowl is hard. Why can't everything tasty just come out of Mommy's faucets, like it should? Luckily Mommy or a sibling is always happy to help clean your face, paws or even your butt when you get exuberant about it.

#6. It doesn't take long before the kittens decide they can't devour KMR fast enough with the syringe, so they learn to lap it up themselves as quickly as they can. At first, this may also involve a short swim in it; sort of like bathing in champagne for a human. Fortunately, it only takes a few days for a bright Tonk kitten to achieve championship drinking skills. After that, we introduce kitten canned or home-made wet food, along with the litter box. When kittens graduate from a milk-only diet, Mom refuses to change the diapers anymore. Can you blame her? She has to use her tongue. THAT is true maternal devotion. How many of us could demonstrate that supreme level of dedication?

#7. At about age 4 weeks, baby-sized litter boxes adorn our house. This baby proudly announces: "I totally potty-trained in less than 24 hours. Can YOU say the same?"

#8. Look! A pinanta! Or maybe a kittanta?

#9. " O Hai, LOL Wut?" (Sneak preview of Zoe and her babies. More to come in a few days.)

BTW, we have no connection with KMR or any other feline product company. We just find it a good and useful, (although expensive) product. But hey, any KMR guys reading this want to send us a couple of bags, we'd be thrilled!

Posted 2013-08-10 by Deborah

We have Tonkinese Kittens! Right Now!

Ariel gave birth to three kittens on May 14, 2013 They are:
1 Blue Point Male (fourth photo, bottom of group photo)
1 Blue Mink Female (third photo, upper right of group photo)
1 Blue Mink Male (first photo, upper left of group photo)

Ariel's three kittens are old enough for adoption immediately. They are affectionate, playful, and intelligent. They love to play "soccer", are learning to retrieve toys, and always enjoy a lap to sit in.

Zoe birthed five babies starting at 3 a.m.on June 11 and not finishing until 9 a.m. We were both exhausted, but Zoe's babies are healthy little horses.
Zoe's kittens may be ready to leave in two or three weeks. We will post some photo updates of her kittens soon.

We do not let our kittens leave until they are mature at the 12 week developmental age. Sometimes, the actual age can be earlier. For example, when Ariel's kittens were barely 4 weeks old, they had passed all the 6 week old age milestones. We once let a couple of kittens go at age 8 weeks--they were as big and mature as the average 12 weeks old kitten. On the other hand, we once had a kitten that wasn't ready to leave until she was 14 weeks old. We do what's best for the kitten. Our kittens have a very enriched and loving environment--we never cage them, and they are raised with free run of the house, underfoot, in our laps, and in our bed.

We let our kittens leave when they are 12 weeks old in maturity. Because we give them such enriched environments, and supplement early with KMR and vitamins, sometimes they can be ready to go as early as 8 weeks. Usually though, it's 10 or 12 weeks. Rarely, a baby develops a little slowly; we once had to keep one kitten to age 14 weeks before she was ready. Ariel's current kittens are stout horses, and ahead of the curve, developmentally. For example, when Ariel's kittens were barely 4 weeks old, they passed all the 6 week old milestones-- scooting all over the place.

Zoe's kittens (not shown here) are:
1 Champagne Point Girl
1 Platinum Point Girl
1 Blue Mink Girl
2. Blue Mink Boys

In the coming days we will be posting pix of her babies as they become old enough to show off!

Posted 2012-09-25 by Don

Today's featured kitten is the Blue mink female from Zoe's litter. She is just over 5 months old, and still quiet petite (you can still get in on some of her baby-ness!). She is a fearless and intrepid jumper, who can throw her little frame over impressive distances and has an extremely good understanding of not sinking her claws in through your clothes. She may be the baby, but she adamantly refuses to be dominated by her buffalo of a brother so she gives as good as she gets.

Posted 2012-09-11 by Don

We have very nearly placed all of the kittens from the last two litters! We got badly derailed from working on kitten placement due to some personal issues, but we believe we are back on track and very eager to find these last two kittens a good home (or two).

Today we are featuring the Blue mink male from Ariel's litter. He is nearly 6 months old, still rather small and slender but with a big-boy attitude towards playing hard and loving hard. Here he is with his Uncle (one of our keeper adults), whom he loves dearly. Well, mostly he loves his Uncle's fat and fluffy belly! :)

Posted 2012-08-06 by Deborah and Don

Here are the two kittens we are featuring today; a Blue mink female, and a Natural mink female with a "twist". Remember, as of today these kittens are still available so if one (or more) strikes your fancy please feel free to contact us!

The first two shots are of the little Blue Solid girl, who is a playful little sweetheart and gorgeous to boot. She is simply a little loving doll. We think she is a Solid, but she could turn out to be a Mink. You just can't tell for sure until the kitten is at least a year old, as it takes time for some coat patterns to develop. Either way, Little Blue is beautiful, and a true darling.

The next two shots are of our sweet, smart little Natural Mink Female, who is a genuine bobtail. We consulted some experts, and they think this is the same mutation as the American Bobtail (now recognized by the CFA). It freaked us out a little when she was born, but as she continued to thrive, we researched it, talked to experts, and found out everything would be ok. She does so many cute things; like proudly trotting around with a small teddy bear in her mouth. She is just as healthy, active, and agile as her siblings. She is quite a character--very loving--if "her" humans have been gone too long, she mews pathetically. She is also beautiful, inquisitive, playful, intelligent and strong-willed (just like her beloved mother and grandmother.) She has a high, sweet and melodic mew, which she only uses when she really has something to say. When Don and I were in a room with the door shut to keep kittens out--because they all loooove to "help"--after a couple hours, she began to mew pathetically at the door. We had to take a short break to cuddle and reassure her, and let her gently chew on our fingers--we are quite tasty. :) She likes to tunnel under the blankets and cuddle--or sometimes nibble on your toes. :) She is an excellent kitten, and if not for the bobtail (which is a dominant gene) I would consider keeping her. But, since there doesn't seem to be huge demand for Tonk bobtails, I can't realistically breed her, so I'm reluctantly letting her go.

This little girl Bobtail is the only mutation in my many years of breeding kittens. This mutation has been studied and is well documented. There are no health, agility or balance problems from it at all. But I probably won't see it again, because the mutation is fairly rare.

(Note from Don: Yes, these photos of her bobtail absolutely suck. More coming soon!)

Posted 2012-08-05 by Deborah and Don

We are starting to get photos posted of all the kittens we currently have avaliable, and we should be posting more every day for the next few days until all the kittens have been featured.

These two Champagne Point Boys are genuine identical twins. That doesn't happen too often--at least, to us.. Like all the kittens from this litter, they have exceptional personalities. They are incredibly social (even for a Tonk, and that's saying something.) as well as loving, cuddley, intelligent, playful and just plain beautiful. They are both currently available for a new home (although I have seriously been considering keeping one of them as both pet and stud).

To the right is Zoe's Platinum point male. He is quite white right now, but we feel pretty sure he'll show a darker nose as he gets older..

Posted 2012-07-29 by Don

As Deborah mentioned below, we have 7 kittens we need to place ASAP. We have cleared out our waiting list (for now), so we are eager to hear from folks who have not contacted us yet. Two of them are from Ariel's litter of March 23rd, the Blue mink male and Platinum mink male shown here.

Posted 2012-07-28 by Deborah


They are all happy, healthy, gorgeous, loving, EXTREMELY social and affectionate! All shots, except for rabies, and medical health record of regular dewormings, etc. There are 7 little lovebugs of the following colors and coat patterns:

2 Platinum Point Males
1 Blue Mink Male
2 Champagne Point Males (who are genuine identical twins!)
1 Blue Solid (or possibly Mink) Female
1 Natural Mink Female

We apologize for not posting photos yet, but a downed tree limb left us without electricity for about 2 weeks. We will try to post some as soon as possible. Meanwhile, if you are interested in a particular kitten or two, we can email you photos directly as attachments.

We would also appreciate everyone's feedback and opinion on fairly rare situation. Our little Natural Mink Female was born with the rare, but well-documented mutation that the American Bobtail has. Since the American Bobtail is a relatively new breed to the CFA and other cat fancy clubs, here is some info:

American Bobtail (entry on Wikipedia)
American Bobtail breed profile (on CFA.org) (her tail looks almost exactly like CH MAGICBOBS SWISS MISS, photo near bottom of the page--quite short and bobbed)

We would like to hear everyone's opinion--the mutation is relatively rare. We have never had a bobtail (or any other mutation for that matter) before in all the many years we have bred kittens, and we probably won't see another. We'd really like to hear how everyone feels about us breeding some bobtail Tonkinese (the mutation is dominant, so about half her kittens should be bobbed).

There are no negative side effects--this little girl is just as agile, athletic, and healthy as her siblings. That funny little tail "bobs" in a cute and hilarious way as she zips around playing.

So, would anyone be interested in more Tonkinese bobtails? Good idea or not-so-great idea? We'd love to hear your opinion!!

(And we will TRY to at least get pictures of the little bobtail girl up this weekend. Power failures are not fun.)

Posted 2012-04-26 by Don

I have added a feature to the site that should make it more convenient for some of you to keep up with our current news. Just add this feed to your favorite RSS reader, and whenever there is an update to this site (like the horribly cute photo to the right) you will know!

This feature powered by

Posted 2012-04-23 by Don

This is a very coarse and rough video, shot with a first-gen iPhone. What it lacks in quality (which is a lot) it makes up for in cuteness (which is a lot). Ariel's babies having their first adventures outside of the box.

Posted 2012-04-20 by Don


It has been a while since we bred our cats, but bred them we have! Our oldest breeding female, Ariel, spat out a record-setting SIX babies on March 23rd. Prior to this her record was five, but she and our breeding male apparently decided to make up for lost time! All six of them are healthy as hell, and as of today they are exactly 4 weeks old, so we decided it was time to post the news and start contacting the folks who requested to be on our waiting list.

Little side note: we actually have FOURTEEN kittens right now; 6 from Ariel and a staggering EIGHT from our newest, youngest mother, Zoe. Zoe's babies are too small to discuss right now, but suffice to say that for ONCE we may actually be able to clear our ENTIRE waiting list and probably have some left over, so if you hesitated to contact us in the past because you didn't want to sit on the waiting list for a long time, well, now might be a really good time for you to contact us!

Here are all three of the "white" ones. It is a little too early to tell if they are all Platinum solids or if one of them may be a Blue point, but whatever the case they are agonizingly cute.

Here are two of the three Blues (and you can see the other one in the background). They are surely Blue, although again it is a little too soon to tell if they are solid or mink. One thing is for sure... they want out of the box!

"Mommy! Mah seekret, I tellz u it!"

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